Dorot Gardens Chopped Dill Tray

1 cube = 1 teaspoon
1 cup of fresh chopped dill = 1 Dorot tray

Dorot Gardens chopped dill trays combine the distinct taste and aroma of dill with convenience.

Commonly used as a garnish or seasoning, dill’s fresh, slightly sweet flavor carries hints of both anise and citrus – adding a refreshing touch to things like salads, soups, and seafood recipes. In particular dill’s vibrant presence shines in dishes like gravlax, where its bright flavor complements the richness of cured salmon. And now, thanks to Dorot Gardens chopped dill trays, when a recipe calls for fresh dill, you can add it, with no fuss or hassle!

Dorot Gardens chopped dill trays mean there’s no chopping and no measuring needed – to add the flavor of fresh dill to your cooking, just pop, drop, done!

Dill’s delicate licorice taste is unique and makes an interesting complement for many other herbs and ingredients. Since dill is a member of the parsley family, it should also come as no surprise that the two are often found together – especially in meat and vegetable dishes in Middle Eastern cuisines.

Quick & Delicious

Looking for a great-tasting dip for fresh vegetables that’s also quick to make?

Just mix 2 of our dill cubes with cream cheese to taste, and…enjoy!

Great in the Kitchen

Dill is perfect for white sauces based on yogurt, cream or butter.

It’s used for seasoning salads, soups, omelettes, chicken and fish.

Once you’ve experienced it for yourself, deli Smoked salmon will never be the same again without that little touch of dill.

Health Facts

The word ‘dill’ comes from Norwegian. In that language, it means “soothe” – and it’s aptly named since that is one of dill’s known qualities.

Dill helps digestive problems, especially in babies and children.

Dill can also enhance the milk production of breastfeeding moms