Dorot Gardens Chopped Basil Trays

1 cube = 1 teaspoon
1 cup of fresh chopped basil = 42g = 10 cubes

Basil – is its taste better than its beauty, or vice versa? You’ll find people on both sides of that argument for sure, but there are a couple of things about basil that there’s no arguing about… That in the kitchen, basil is simply the king of herbs, and that a Dorot Gardens chopped basil cube is the hassle-free way to add basil to any dish you’re making!

Why is basil the ‘king of herbs’ though? Well, it carries an amazing aroma, and you can add it to almost anything you’re cooking: soups, fish, casseroles, pasta – even ice cream if you’re feeling adventurous – and with the two-year shelf life of our products, using Dorot Gardens chopped basil cubes means you always have the flavor of fresh basil on-hand!

Dorot Gardens chopped basil cubes are pre-portioned, so they eliminate the need for time-consuming chopping and measuring, making it easy to add the great flavor of basil to your cooking – just pop, drop, done!

Quick & Delicious

Need a quick, easy and tasty dish for pasta night? We’ve got you covered. In a pan, mix half a cup of olive oil with 2 Dorot Gardens garlic cubes, 2 basil cubes, 1 parsley cube, salt and pepper – pour over cooked pasta, and enjoy!

Great in the Kitchen

First and foremost, of course, don’t forget that basil is the key ingredient in pesto sauce!

However, anything that goes into the oven – chicken, meat, fish, or vegetables – can have its flavor elevated by adding some basil.

Likewise, any casserole dish, simmering slowly, will get a boost of aromatic delicious flavor from the addition of a Dorot Gardens chopped basil cube or two into the recipe.

Health Facts

A cup of tea with basil will help the digestion process after a big meal, or help you wind down and relax at the end of a stressful day.

An extract of basil with ginger and honey can be beneficial for your respiratory system and how it functions.

These aren’t the only health benefits of basil though, so take a look at this link for some more!