Dorot Gardens Ginger

1 cube = 1 teaspoon
Dorot Gardens brings to you our signature line of pre-portioned fresh garlic and herbs. First, we start by growing our own garlic, basil, cilantro, parsley, chili and ginger. At peak freshness we pull our products from the fields, process and flash freeze into our convenient trays within 90 minutes of harvest.

With a two year shelf life you can have fresh Garlic, Onions and Herbs year round with the simple “pop” of the tray. When we say “fresher than fresh” we mean it!

Dorot Gardens pre-portioned garlic, onions and herbs eliminate chopping and measuring, making it effortless to season and flavor your cooking.

Quick & Delicious

How could you drink a great thirst-quenching drink in no time? Add 1 ginger cube to your tea and… enjoy! This tea is wonderful hot in winter, and excellent cold in summer…

Ginger in known as that unique pungent taste typical to Asian food, but when cooked for longer periods of time, as in the European cuisine, the ginger changes its taste and can be found in many kinds of cakes, cookies, pudding and… yes, even in beer.

Great in the Kitchen

Baked chicken with ginger and honey can be an excellent culinary experience.

One ginger cube with hot water can do wonders for a tummy ache.

There is no Chinese dish that won’t be upgraded by one or two ginger cubes.

Health Facts

Known for having a soothing effect on the digestive system.

Great for nausea relief.

Used in Chinese medicine to enhance sweating.